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We at Pioneer Packaging want to become your One Source for all your Packaging Needs.We have spent close to 30 years turning each and every one of our clients’ packaging needs into packaging solutions.


Our one-stop production facility allows us to serve all of our clients’ packaging needs in-house. We pride ourselves on being state-of-the-art where it counts.Digital designs, electronic workflow and tracking allow us to constantly monitor the progress of production. Our printing professionals produce consistent sheet after sheet results whether printing one color black on chipboard, or 4 color process with additional PMS colors with coatings. Our experienced die-cutters, working on state-of-the-art Bobst die-cutters produce consistent quality packages with cuts and scores that make each and every one of our packages work the way they are designed. Our hard working gluing teams are the most inventive and productive in our industry, constantly monitoring the final construction of your package.


Over the last few years Pioneer has worked to reduce our CO2 Foot Print. We have installed solar panels with a system size of over 100 kw, which has saved CO2, as well as numerous trees and barrels of oil. In addition to this we have worked with our customers to re-use the corrugate they send back to our paper mills for recycling into TBC, which we use for packers. We have also worked with one of the mills to produce a very printable tan bending chip for our customers who want a totally green product.

Pioneer Packaging’s

Pioneer Packaging is a privately owned company and has been in business since 1977. It was then that Robert and Mark Clark along with their wives Marlene and Cynthia started Pioneer, first as brokers but their true calling was in manufacturing. In Sparta, New Jersey is where they built their facility and over the years have worked and invested to build astate-of-the-art manufacturing facility.

Pioneer Packaging’s
Associations & Certifications

CIBS - Robert Clark is a past president of CIBS serving in1982. 

NJPEC - New Jersey Small and Minority Owned BusinessCertificate   

We pride ourselves in being 100% compliant for 5 years and having no quality or delivery issues for over 700 deliveries.